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Maybe this is your first time considering therapy, and you're wondering how it would all work. I mean, there's probably been a lot of things that you've been keeping pretty close to your chest, and the idea of discussing them with a therapist might be... kind of weird. Although you know that theoretically therapy should be helpful, getting THAT real, THAT vulnerable, might seem not even icky, but also pretty scary, if not downright impossible. I get it. The good news is that you'll remain in charge throughout the whole process. You're in charge of what you share and you're in control of the stuff we work on together. It's a judgement-free zone where you can freely discuss what's going on for you and find practical ways forward. How's that sound?



You also might be worried that therapy might be a bit too 'woo-hoo' of a process for you. Well, rest assured that at least with me, it won't be. The good news is that psychotherapy's long since left the realm of the nebulous and is considered a quantifiable process, firmly rooted in years of scientific research and evidence-based practice. As your therapist, I'll be there alongside to help you better understand how your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and experiences correlate.

Thanks to my life experiences I come to the therapeutic relationship from a variety of cultures. Think of me as an American / Latin-American / European hybrid. I know what it's like to adapt to new circumstances, and to learn how to summon the inner strength required to survive and thrive. English is the language I speak the best, and I also provide therapy in French and Spanish


There're a million different reasons to go to therapy, and seeing me won't mean you are 'broken' or that there is anything 'wrong' with you. I get that many people believe this to be true, and it's a myth I would like to help dispel (this is also why I often walk around with me 'Cool people go to therapy' T-shirt as shown on this page).


Virtual Therapy in:


This stigma is rooted in the fact that at first, the main goal of therapy was to help people when they were feeling down or unwell. In addition, there are a lot of cultures in which keeping emotions to one's self, or at least within the family, is encouraged. With the advent of the Positive Psychology movement about 25 or 30 years ago, a shift happened. The goal went from solely taking people from, say, from a -10 up to, say, a 0... to studying how people can live fuller lives and enjoy improved mental health, meaning that clients in therapy can learn to go past a 0 and to on to higher rates of mental health. Pretty exciting stuff!


My clients come to me with a wide variety of issues including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, difficult transitions, workplace challenges, feeling a lack of purpose of purpose and experiencing a lack of connection with the people around them. I also help them with a gazillion other issues which mirror the complexity of human life on Earth, or on what the scientist and astronomer Carl Sagan dubbed the "Pale Blue Dot."

This said, like many therapists, I've chosen to concentrate on a few specific areas: Reducing DepressionReducing Anxiety, Test Anxiety & Academic Overwhelm, Relationship Struggles, and Culture Shock & Cultural Identity Issues. Take a look around, and if you think we might be a good fit, send me a message!

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