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Education / Trainings / Licensure

Everybody and their uncle tells me that potential clients don't give a hoot about the exact degrees I have. And yet, somehow, I'm thinking that as a potential client you want to make sure I didn't get them out of a  Cracker Jack box either! So here goes:


I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a PhD in Counseling (I think the glee on this picture speaks volumes). This doctoral program is CACREP accredited, and emphasizes research and leadership. I love doing research (nerd alert!) and so I enjoyed it immensely. During this program I created and tested a new therapeutic intervention called Sign your Feelings, which combines teaching hearing clients specific American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary, practicing emotional disclosure, and placing a strong accent on the alliance between therapists and their clients. I continue to be fascinated by American Sign Language and Deaf culture and have an ASL tutor that helps me continuously improve.

Before my PhD I did a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lynn University in Boca Raton. Way (and I mean waaaaaay) prior to that, in the 80's - I got a BA from Trinity College of Vermont (that was so long ago that I did my senior thesis on a TYPEWRITER... that I had to BORROW!)

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