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What Therapy with me Looks Like...

Right off the bat, my number one priority will be making you comfortable. Therapy works best when you feel at ease, and your brain gets that you're in a safe place to explore what's been doing on and what you would like to create in your life. It can be kind of daunting, especially at first, but rest assured that on my many years on Earth there's probably nothing much I haven't already heard and pretty much nothing can shock me at this point. I mean, if you can't feel safe talking to your therapist, who CAN you feel comfortable with?

I place a great deal of importance in the therapeutic alliance, which is just a fancy name for the relationship between the two of us. Tons and tons of research show great alliances make for great therapeutic results. So, from the get-go you and I will discuss how we can make this alliance as strong as possible, and what sorts of things you think could cause a rupture in our relationship and how we could work towards repairing any eventual ruptures. I've been to therapy before, and I myself once 'dumped' a therapist because I felt grossly misunderstood. From my standpoint, I felt dismissed because to me, they disregarded my worldview and instead imposed their own. I vowed that from then on I would empower my future clients with the express permission to tell me if I offend them, if I misunderstood something.... or piss them off. Clients dumping their therapists due to ruptures is indeed a 'thing,' and it prevents clients from making the progress they wish to make. Let's prevent that!

As your therapist,
I pinky swear to not 'at least'
you (tell you that at least your
situation isn't worse than it is).
I hate it when people do that
to me - it feels so

My job will be to meet you where you're at, all while slowly helping you unfurl a vision of a you that you might once not even thought possible. Connecting the dots will be worth it, and hopefully you will find my optimism for life contagious. After the stress, strain and isolation of  the COVID pandemic, the world's collective mental health has suffered quite the beating, and perhaps it's time for you to take the bull by the horns and get yourself some mental health help.


Your future self will thank you.

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