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Throughout my life I have had (and have) the experiencing of belonging to several minority groups, as I moved around from one country to another.


I'm a mix of all sorts of cultural influences - hence my fascination with languages and helping my clients adapt to change. My mother tongue is English, but I also grew up speaking Spanish, with my years in Buenos Aires leaving me with an unmistakably Argentinian accent (which other Spanish- speakers tend to sometimes 'lovingly mock'). My European side is thanks to over 30 years spent living and working in France, where I picked up not only an incurable love for lavender crème brûlée and other deliciously fattening foods, but the ability to provide therapy in fluent French.


All in all, this means that immigrants, foreigners, expats; you're my people! I have a first-hand appreciation for what it takes to move somewhere and to assimilate culturally and linguistically, and can relate to both to the challenges it brings and the resilience it leaves in its wake. Our family of origin culture, combined with the culture inherent to the places we live and work, all influence our experiences and worldview.


Furthermore, my life experiences led me to specialize in Culture Shock & Cultural Identity Issues.

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